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Accessories take on a different life regarding how they can provide for your party and event. If you are searching for a way to help you understand what options are waiting for you, look no further than the appeal of these unique accessories to do it for you. These beautiful party accessories will be precisely what you’re looking for if you need every detail to be perfected.

From paper to plastic, accessories made to last will be precisely...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are paper accessories the best?

Paper accessories often get a reputation for being heavy or cheap and simply shredding the second you put any pressure on them. We’re glad to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, Smarty’s line is all about decorating and enjoying paper accessories that will show you just how refined they can be!

Are disposable tablecloths the way to go?

When looking for stress-free, elegant, and beautiful choices that will dress up your table and protect it from harm, yes! You’ll find disposable tablecloths are the solution to many of your problems!

How do I blend my Smarty’s dinnerware with these accessories?

There will be no problem in blending Smarty’s other options with these! All you have to do is keep your existing color scheme in mind when picking the disposable tablecloth that you want, and then get ready to put to work the blissful blend of professional party supplies that will make for something almost unimaginable.

Is the linen effect really realistic?

Yes, the actual effect of the accessories is going to be so realistic that you’ll find most will be convinced that you are using actual linen instead of plastic or some other alternative other than plastic.

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