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If you're searching for modern and sophisticated dinnerware for special occasions, you may typically think of materials like ceramic or porcelain. These materials offer a professional, glossy appeal with elegant colors, a substantial weight that exudes professionalism, and a strong focus on durability, ensuring no chipping or cracking.

But what if we told you you can enjoy all these desirable features in a convenient, eco-friendly plastic alternative? Our high-end disposable plates offer the same professional appeal but with the added...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is disposable dinnerware still environmentally friendly?

This question frequently crosses the minds of our customers, and we completely understand your concern. Yes, disposable dinnerware can still be considered environmentally friendly. Smarty is dedicated to green living and dining experiences. Our disposable dinnerware is designed with eco-friendliness in mind, ensuring that users can responsibly dispose of them through recycling. 

Which events are ideal for a cool color scheme?

When aiming for a cohesive and cool color scheme, certain occasions benefit from using pieces that enhance the overall aesthetics. These include dignified birthday parties, elegant wedding receptions or anniversaries, and corporate events where you want to infuse a sense of sophistication.

Should I blend or highlight the gilding on my dinnerware?

For those who opt for gilded dinnerware from our organic collection, you have the creative freedom to decide whether you want to subtly blend it with other flatware and metallic accents or make it stand out as the centerpiece of your table setting. Either approach can work beautifully, depending on the overall ambiance you wish to create.

What type of plates should I use for creamy or heavy dishes?

We have the perfect solution for you when serving creamy or heavy dishes. Our plates feature a slight inward slope, making handling dishes with creamy textures easier and reducing the risk of spills. These plates are practical and exceptionally durable, ensuring they can withstand the weight of thick foods without cracking or leaking. Enjoy your culinary creations with confidence!

Unique and Modern Disposable Organic Dinnerware

Elegant and Classic, Disposable Plastic Organic Plates and Dinnerware to Ensure Elegance and Style at Your Wedding or Party