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Every Smarty's Partiac knows that it is Smarty's job to fulfill every need, idea, and desire Partiacs might have. And all of them know that our Smarty Pants does his job very well. No matter what your need might be, it's covered here somewhere in our store. You want an event about professionalism, and these smooth and lightweight options will show you just how versatile that could be!

Besides all the colors in the palette, there are, no...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural party supplies the way of the future?

These natural options are certainly paving the way to more sustainable party hosting. However, as our landfills become fuller, we need to find smart ways to enjoy party events without necessarily having to rely on expensive and fragile ceramic or porcelain. These biodegradable palm-leaf dinnerware options are going to be the logical choice!

How can I make my budget spread further with biodegradable dinnerware?

There is a tiny increase in the budget when comparing these to plastic. This is mainly because they will take on two functions at once -- use in your event and then compost them. You can spread this further by checking out our sale page and looking at the wedding value sets!

Will natural dinnerware cause splinters?

The palm leaf dinnerware is soft and entirely smooth to the touch, so you won't need to worry about splinters! It looks impressive and is like natural wood grain, but it won't put splinters in your food! So it'll be perfect for searching deliberately for something that will be robust and still safe when looking for natural choices!

Is there something here for every kind of event so that I can have a totally natural party?

Yes, you can make your entire event natural if you want to! From napkins to serving trays and everything in between, there will be an excellent choice for every event that needs a complete kit to help every place setting shine in its natural, biodegradable form! Of course, your compost heap will love it, too!

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