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The most colorful and interesting category in the Smarty collection is for certain disposable napkins. Yes, they are something that your guests use to wipe their hands with. However, you have certainly heard the comments such as: “Oh my goodness, those are adorable!” when they approach the table. And there is a reason for it.

Disposable dinner napkins are the ones we play with the most when it comes to decorating our dinner setting. We choose colors, textures,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you suggest folding disposable napkins?

To impress your guests, the following are two ways to transform your napkin into art. For a summer get-together, make a watermelon napkin for guests. Start by layering a pink square napkin atop a green square napkin. Fold them into a triangle shape to get a sliced look, and don’t forget to use a black marker to draw on your seeds. Say you’re doing a Christmas holiday party: make a zig-zag Christmas tree napkin by starting with a folded square, then bring up the corners for a layered effect. By flipping or tucking the layers, you’ll have a tiered Christmas tree. These ideas, amongst others, will help take your party from simple to well-thought-out details your guests will appreciate.

What is the best fabric for dinner napkins?

With linen, cotton, or paper dinner napkins being the most common fabrics, the answer to this question will rely on the nature of the party and investment needed. If you need a stock of linen or cloth napkins, it will be worth investing in these items in bulk for events. They can be reused as items in your inventory, and some fabrics are wrinkle-resistant – you could say they’re always ready for a party. Paper napkins will offer a low maintenance element for cleanup as well as disposability. Consider these characteristics when you make your final decisions as to what will be the most practical for your event.

Where can I buy disposable wedding napkins in bulk?

We offer disposable wedding napkins in bulk. Options are available in a number of colors to marry well with your occasion or décor. Complete your dinner or cocktail hour service supplies with our quality napkins in bulk packaging.

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