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The time has come for you to amaze and inspire your guests! At your next event, you'll be able to use Smarty's beautiful mini tumblers. They'll help you to create a powerful presence for every last detail at your tables, even the smaller ones! These radiant and modern disposable mini tumblers will be impressive and dedicated to giving a pop of personality to those overlooked details.

For example, those toothpicks or mints — will you just put them...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mini-tumblers should I have at my event?

If you're using them to eat from, you'll want to have one per every guest, much the same as you'd match your other courses and dinnerware that way! If you're looking instead for decor for your table or lining your buffet table to a bar top, simply think about how many you want to use spread out and go from there! When in doubt, get a few more than you need. Somehow, there will always be a use for them.

Are mini tumblers suitable for children's events?

These mini tumblers are perfect for children's events! They'll be ideal when you need smaller sizes for those little hands, and it also implies smaller portions so that everyone has enough to enjoy but not enough that a lot is wasted!

Are plastic mini tumblers reusable?

Yes! Like all of Smarty's disposable tableware, you can wash and reuse these if you want to. It'll be perfect for when you are looking for a way to enjoy maximum uses out of your dinnerware, and there's always going to be a fun way to find a second and third life for them, even if it doesn't feel like it quite yet!

What are disposable mini tumblers made of?

These are made from fancy-grade, high-quality plastic that will make a great choice when searching for something long-lasting, food-safe, and professional. Glossy, durable, and perfect for your event that demands all of those things, Smarty's disposable mini tumblers are up to par with whatever it is that you will be working on!

High-Quality Crystal Clear Disposable Mini Tumblers

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