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There is so much fun and potential to be had in the world of disposable mini partyware for your event. Of course, when you want to go classic and elegant, you'll want to start with the overall theme of your event. Whatever the celebration, this mini stemware will offer you an easy and beautiful place to help you begin exploring fun and elegant disposable plasticware.

From one touch to the next, this fun and elegant, timeless...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use mini stemware at my event?

If you want to enjoy mini stemware for your event, there's not really a wrong way that you can do that. You'll love the idea of these for just about any kind of use. They can be decorative and used to hold toothpicks, mints, and more. Or you can use them for mini drinks or even shots. They're designed for however you want to use them! It's perfect for showing off whatever kind of use you want and need!

How durable is Smarty's mini stemware?

Made from the same high-quality plastic as all of Smarty's other dinnerware, these amazing mini glasses will be durable, realistic replacements for classic glass options. They're great for whatever event you want, something like this!

Is mini stemware suitable for toast?

Definitely! Many make toasts because it allows for a drink for everyone, but your guests won't get tipsy or feel unwell. They can be clinked together quickly, providing a beautiful realistic experience!

How do I combine my mini stemware with my tablescape?

Since these are clear and glossy, you won't have to work to fit these into your design! They'll just sneak right in where you need them to. Use them at individual place settings, along your bar top, and more. It'll be great for when you are hunting for a way to have something that essentially just goes with everything.

Classy and Elegant Disposable Mini Stemware

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