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Smarty’s mini party supplies offer usability for maximum party time.

Smarty is aware that small things are more than just exciting, but useful as well. All of these little decorations that we put around for ourselves in our living room, in the office, and at the desk create a more spectacular view-the proof is in the smallest details. It’s the same when it comes to a good party. So, let us introduce to you the Smarty mini party...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What mini party supplies are essential to decorate an event?

For us, the essential mini party supplies for your gatherings are mini party glasses, plastic bowls for desserts, and mini plastic cutlery. They not only look wonderful, but make excellent table decorations. Adults and children alike will appreciate them.

What sizes do mini plastic cups come in?

Most mini plastic cups are between 2oz to 5.5 oz in size. These can hold bite-sized appetizers, dips, or even desserts if you wish. We recommend clear plastic cups so the food can be the decorative and culinary star at your event.

Where can I find a mini dinner set to purchase in bulk?

On our site, you can find mini dinner sets in bulk. You can order any item by the case to make sure all of your guest list is covered.

How many mini appetizer plates come in a dinner set?

Most of our sets can come in up to 20 plates per pack. This way, you can plan for your guest list and buy in bulk if it’s more reasonable for your event budget.