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These days, the entire world is a bit different. Everyone is worried about getting sick, and crowds don't seem as safe as they used to be. When you're looking for a way to help enjoy your celebration while still doing your part to help you and those around you stay safe, adding these disposable face masks to your event will be a great choice.

While no one on your guest list will love these masks, they will appreciate...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have face masks for every guest at my event?

Having face masks available for every guest at your event is a good idea. While it's unlikely that everyone on your list will wear one, it's reassuring to know that everyone can wear one if needed, and you'll also have some spares in case someone drops theirs or needs a second one for whatever reason!

Should I make face masks mandatory?

There is no clear yes or no to this question, unfortunately. Deciding what will be best for your event is focused mainly on your preferences and understanding the details that go into making a decision and requests. Smarty suggests making them preferred but not mandatory for the best effect. For example, if staff members are masked, it'll also help guests feel more comfortable wearing their masks.

How can I make face masks look better at my celebration?

To enjoy a dressed-up appeal, you'll want to go simple and lightweight instead of elaborate and decorative for your face masks. Let them simply fade into the background and focus on the details that matter most to you and your guests, like flatware, drinkware, and dinner plates!

Are Smarty's face masks safe?

Smarty's face masks are safe, comfortable, and suitable for adding that extra layer of security to your event! They will help you get the job done with no compromise.

Lightweight and Safe Disposable Face Masks for Parties

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