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Most events demand professionalism and perfection in their design. Your event is going to be no different! So when hunting specifically for those flourishes and finishes, allow Smarty's fancy disposable margarita glasses to show you just how effective your interior design can be.

This collection is about keeping your event focused on the important part -- alcohol. Whether for a wedding, shower, or birthday party, these unmistakable disposable margarita glasses help keep your bar well-stocked for the special...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use these margarita glasses for?

They are intended for margaritas and bar-based concoctions, as you can guess. However, you can use these for no shortage of options, including mints, peanuts, grapes, desserts, and anything that demands a bit more decadence.

How should I style my margarita glass?

If you're looking at making sure that your stellar disposable margarita glass looks its best, match it with other Smart's dinnerware, serving ware, flatware, and your choice of tablescape. It'll be as amazing as you'd expect, and it will be suitable for those demanding a little bit extra from their table settings. These clear margarita glasses allow for whatever you most want to display!

Are these glasses durable enough to reuse?

Yes, these glasses are going to be plenty durable to reuse. They are high quality and carefully perfected plastic that will be simple to wash out and then put into your cupboard for your next girl's night event.

Can I use these disposable cups to toast?

Many people are reluctant to make toasts at receptions or other celebrations because the fragile glass of the cups makes for a terrifying experience. If you are renting your supplies and have people that have enjoyed a few drinks already, this is a bad combination. These disposable cups will be impressive, elegant, sophisticated, and so durable that you won't need to worry about making a toast! Perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy the world of celebration without compromise!

Fancy Disposable Plastic Margarita Glasses

Your Amazing Party Toasts Perfectly Go With Smarty's Glamorous Margarita Glasses