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Every now and then all of us like to see or wear some “bling”. Jewelry is something everyone has, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, an earring, even a watch had become more jewelry than something that ticks all the time. Jewels are always appreciated and valued. So will be your lovely table setting with Smarty’s disposable Jewel collection. 

These beautiful white with gold or silver jewel plastic plates are going to be one of the highlights of your wedding when your guests enter the reception room and get absolutely stunned by their brightness.

So if you wish for your venue to look spotless, classy and expensive, this Smarty collection is, certainly, a number one choice for you.

Disposable Jewel Dinnerware

Accessorize Your Lovely Party With Smarty's Plastic, Disposable Jewel Designed Plates and Value Sets