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There's a simple elegance to ivory that you just can't overlook. It is one of those colors that's been around for quite some time, and it's known for its allure of professionalism and timeless style. So if you want to enjoy those things in your decor scheme, you'll need to look at what they can offer.

Smarty is here to show you what ivory and vintage style will do when you explore the concepts in a suitable traditional...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes everything here vintage?

Everything has a vintage appeal to it in this collection because it's going to be a classic design with timeless style and application. It just means that your party will look as great in photos now as it will 50 years from now since it's designed in a classic style.

Can I match vintage with modern in my tablescape?

You can definitely add in vintage with modern! It's a great way to have something unique and decorative that will transform the way you look at and think about table decor. It will be excellent for those who want to take on a style that focuses on the final product as worthwhile and unique.

Is Smarty's value set a good idea for my event?

When you have an extensive guest list, Smarty will offer a lot of peace of mind with our value sets! Not only is everything that you need already included in one neat and tidy bundle, but it's also affordable so that you can enjoy having enough for everyone without adding extras.

How can I dress up the vintage-rimmed plates?

If you love the idea of the vintage lace for dinner but feel as though they are going to be a little bland for your overall design, spice things up with a bright and colorful appetizer plate! It'll then present your dinner plate with an air of classic decor that will make it look even more impressive!

Upscale and Classy Vintage Ivory Collection

Glamorous, Chic, and Elegant Disposable Plastic Vintage Ivory Tableware Collection to Set Up Your Lovely Event