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Black Velvet Paper Dinner Napkins

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Burgundy Red Paper Dinner Napkins

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Classic Red Paper Dinner Napkins

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White with Gold Edge Rim Plastic Wedding Value Set
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Ivory Paper Dinner Napkins

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White Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

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Classic Pink Paper Dinner Napkins

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When you have a celebration planned, you'll need and want to ensure that you've got everything ready to go. From the important details to the small ones, it all matters when planning the right kind of blended convenient and professional event.

Whatever the occasion, Smarty has got you covered. You'll be able to enjoy a blast of fresh air when it comes to unique tablescapes that will astound your guests. After all, how you decorate your table will...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Smarty's products really compare to traditional dinnerware?

Yes! It surprises many first-time buyers when they receive their Smarty's line and see just how impressive it really is on their table. It will rival ceramic and porcelain and offer the professionalism you want, need, and deserve. So try it for yourself and see just what you've been missing!

What are some tips for creating a sleek tablescape?

Suppose you need a table that is truly upscale and refined. In that case, you'll want to achieve it through a carefully constructed monochrome tablescape with just a hint of originality in something small. Elegance is all about cohesion, so really put energy into choosing how nondescript and smooth you can make your table's various touches.

How many plates should I order for my event?

Generally, experts — including us — recommend purchasing 10% extra plates than you think you might need. Having extra is always a good idea, just in case, and if you have too many, then you can always tuck away some for your next event! There's no money wasted, and you have the assurance of knowing that you have enough plates for everyone!

What's more professional: eco-friendly plates or plastic plates?

That's a tough call. Plastic tends to mimic the ceramic and porcelain that it replaces, so there is expected professionalism there. However, eco-friendly plates will offer up a sense of responsibility and integrity that is very chic these days. When I doubt, blend both together for a fusion table design!

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