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White Baroque Disposable Plastic Dinner Spoons
White Baroque Disposable Plastic Dinner Forks

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What is it that gets your attention when you’re attending a big occasion? Of course, it’s the bride’s dress at the wedding, the charcuterie board layout at the picnic, the colorful decoration at a birthday party. Yet, we’re quite aware that it’s the small details that take the event beyond your expectations. One detail you never thought would catch your eye is disposable flatware sets. But when you take a look at Smarty’s luxury modern plastic and disposable silverware, we...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is disposable silverware made?

Plastic utensils are typically made out of two types of plastics: polypropylene and polystyrene. These plastics are heated and molded to fit the shape of spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, and more. Everything you need to meet your catering needs is available in our exclusive range of disposable silverware, including disposable wooden cutlery sets.

Can I use disposable flatware on plastic dishes?

Yes, you can use flatware on plastic dishes. You can use our disposable cutlery at your high-end picnics, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and a variety of other settings.

Where can I find fancy plastic silverware sets to purchase in bulk?

For bulk packaged cutlery sets, we have various options on our site here. Family picnics and fast-food restaurants come to mind when you think about disposable silverware. Upgrade your stock with our quality disposable cutlery to wow your customers and guests.

What makes plastic flatware disposable?

Being made from specific materials makes the flatware disposable. Materials like wood, corn-starch, bamboo, and cardboard can be functional and even biodegradable. These items can have well-layered durability but are still light in weight, making for attractive flatware.

Disposable Flatware Sets

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