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One of the most used sentences regarding design is: "It's a classic." But remember, simplicity doesn't have to imply something easy, poor, and old-fashioned. It actually means that it's always in style. So, why not take a moment to think about how you want to enjoy a classic appeal for your event?

You want to have dinnerware that is affordable, looks great, and that also is going to be practical for your guests to put to use....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are edged dinnerware options so classic?

It's the glistening of the edging, whatever you choose to use it with. The shimmer of the gilding and edging reminds most people of classic china, and it will upscale your event and make it a timeless style that pulls on a little bit of everything to help it look its best for the effect that your guests are going to enjoy.

Does Smarty offer a wide selection of edged dishes?

Yes, Smarty offers a great selection of edged dishes, as you'll see if you take the tie to look through every item in this distinctive collection. You will never have to feel restricted by this collection line. Instead, you'll wonder how you're possibly able to choose with all of the options there for you to sort through!

Do I have to have edged dinnerware for every part of my place settings?

No! If you want the pop of presentation, you can look at a tablescape that only focuses on one or two elements with edging and lets the rest simply work to support it. There's no wrong way to do it — pick what feels best and use that to help you decorate your table perfectly on your own terms.

Are edged plates still disposable?

Yes, you'll be happy to know that these are still high-quality disposable plates, cups, and bowls that you can dispose of as quickly as everything that you're looking at for Smarty's supply line. So you get all of the appeals of china or ceramic and still enjoy the practicality of throwing the dinnerware away without worrying about washing or returning rentals.

Classic and Sophisticated Edged Dinnerware

Simple and Classic, Pale Colored and Edged Plates and Value Sets to Style it Up for Your Wedding