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When it comes to design, the timeless adage often heard is, "It's a classic." Yet, simplicity should not be mistaken for something uncomplicated, subpar, or out of style. On the contrary, it signifies enduring elegance. So, take a moment to ponder how you can infuse a classic charm into your upcoming event.

Your desire is clear: you need cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and practical dinnerware for your guests. A key determinant of utility lies in the design of the plates. Enter...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes edged dinnerware options so timeless?

The enduring appeal of edged dinnerware lies in the captivating glint of their edging, regardless of your choice of accompaniments. The subtle shimmer of gilding and edging evokes the elegance of classic china, elevating your event to a timeless style that draws inspiration from various sources, ensuring a captivating experience for your guests.

Does Smarty offer a diverse range of edged dishes?

Certainly! Smarty presents a vast and diverse selection of edged dishes, and you'll discover the breadth of options when you explore every item in this unique collection. There are no limitations to your choices within this collection; you may find it pleasantly overwhelming as you explore the many options at your disposal.

Must I use edged dinnerware for every aspect of my table settings?

Not at all! If you seek a striking presentation, you can curate a tablescape that spotlights one or two elements with edging, allowing the rest to complement and enhance the focal points. There's no rigid formula; instead, choose what resonates with your aesthetic preferences and use it to craft a table setting that reflects your unique vision.

Are edged plates still disposable?

Absolutely! You'll be delighted to know these are still top-quality disposable plates, cups, and bowls, aligning seamlessly with Smarty's supply line. You can enjoy all the visual charm reminiscent of china or ceramic while relishing the practicality of discarding the dinnerware without the hassle of washing or returning rentals.

Classic and Sophisticated Edged Dinnerware

Simple and Classic, Pale Colored and Edged Plates and Value Sets to Style it Up for Your Wedding