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An essential thing to consider about this collection is a beautiful contrast every shopper likes to see: economic and yet exclusive. This modern collection of disposable dinnerware will be your much-needed introduction to quality dinnerware that won’t break the bank.

These plastic plates have some fantastic advantages every wedding planner desperately looks for to ease their work: plain white — yet still with a pop of personality, however they choose to explore it. Therefore, these are stylish and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get individual plates or value sets?

It depends on your guest list! If you’re expecting 19+ people to your event, then the value sets will give you many settings but still help you enjoy the most savings. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a small selection, you might find individual choices to help you curate the correct table settings. Plus, you can mix and match if you wish.

What kind of texture would work best with economy plates?

If you want to play this quiet place set up with some texture, add in one of Smarty’s eco-conscious lines. For example, the flatware, the bowls, or even the appetizer plates. The grain is a great way to shake your table and keep it quiet enough to work for your plan.

Will economy plates hold up to cutlery??

Yes! These are durable, professionally designed plates that will hold up to use with any of our plastic or birch wood cutlery. You can also use it with traditional cutlery if you really want to put the plates to the test! These plates will pass them all without stressing, ripping, or cracking.

Why are these at a better price than other options?

Simply, they require less work! In addition, they have no color and are plain, so they can be priced lower than the other fancier styles. This gives you ample opportunity to explore the potential of just what else you can do to dress up your table and save money!

Understated and Cost-Effective Disposable Economy Dinnerware

Perfectly Stylish, Classic, and Very Attractive Disposable Economy Wedding and Party Plates and Value Sets