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Setting the table for dessert means focusing on all of the minor details that always matter the most. When you want literal "small details," these small teaspoons will do that for you. These beautiful mini spoons will be practical, simple, and decorative. They're also going to be just suitable for your event.

These tiny little tea spoons, like all Smarty's flatware pieces, have lots to offer the shopper looking for the right touches for their event....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are eco-friendly tea spoons actually biodegradable?

Yes, these are entirely biodegradable so that you can do your part to enjoy a spoon that is not going to add to the landfill or leave you washing dishes for hours after the event has happened. Perfect for the blend of modern yet still responsible.

What can I use eco-friendly mini spoons for?

They're so small that you can use these for anything: scooping out sauces or dips, using them as sugar spoons, stirring coffee or tea, and even spooning up mousse, ice cream, and anything else that is best enjoyed in tiny mouthfuls. It's great for portioning and giving off the professional appeal you deserve.

Can I get splinters from eco-friendly teaspoons?

While they are made from birch wood, which is traditional wood, you don't have to worry about getting splinters from these adorable mini spoons. They are well-designed and perfect for helping you trust a spoon that will be safe to use but also biodegradable so that you don't have to choose between two things that matter to you.

How are eco-friendly tea spoons changing how we look at party supplies?

These spoons work hard at helping you see that you can still do the responsible thing for the environment but also ensure that you'll be able to enjoy party supplies that actually fit your need at the same time so that you can find your way to convenience and practicality with details firmly in mind that matter to you.

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