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There comes a time when you are going to hunt for serving ware for your event. Even if you aren't sure just how you need to use it or what effect you'd want it to give, there's a lot to love about this disposable serving ware that will make it fun to use and rely on. From classic rectangular shapes to fun animal shapes, a wide variety of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use serving platters for individual place-setting events?

Yes! You can still use serving platters even for those events you enjoy in individualized settings. They can be placed at the center of each table or even at those spots that offer up main serving when it comes to dessert or appetizers. You'll find a place for them!

What food types can I use platters for?

Whatever type of food you want! They're great for lightweight pastry puffs or thick and heavy liquid-based dishes like pasta or potato salad. They'll be a robust tray that will be just right for when you want to enjoy a professional and refined choice that is still neutral enough to go with everything.

Why do eco-friendly serving trays look like wood grain?

They're made from palm leaves, so it's weird that they look like wood grain, right? Sort of! The molding and hand-pressed work make them look like classic wood grain, but you won't ever need to worry about splinters or damage from the wood. Instead, they will be safe, elegant, and totally different from what you have in mind when looking specifically for natural materials.

Can I trust eco-friendly serving trays with hot and cold foods?

Yes! You can absolutely trust these with hot and cold foods. They are made to withstand temperature fluctuations and will be the reliable choice for easy trust on your central serving table.

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