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Disposable knives often get a terrible reputation for being flimsy and wasteful regarding your budget. When going with classic options, this reputation is often well-deserved. Going with fancy disposable party supplies means you can make better decisions, even with these parts of your table!

Introducing Smarty's eco-friendly knives. These simple yet effective options will help you add some trust and integrity back into this essential part of your tablescape!

Made from birch wood, these eco-friendly...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do birch wood knives compare to plastic ones?

The main difference that you'll notice between these is the weight. While plastic cutlery is lightweight, these natural wooden knives will be even lighter for ease of use. They are also more elegant than plastic and of better quality for trustworthy use. When it comes to party supplies, these are all perks.

Do I have to match eco-friendly knives with other wooden flatware?

Smarty Had a Party does recommend matching flatware together for synchronicity in your tablescape, but there is no rule that you have to do that! You can contrast your knives with other disposable cutlery if you wish!

How are eco-friendly knives made?

Made from natural birch wood, these knives are carefully pressed into crisp shapes and smoothed and sealed so that you don't ever have to worry about splinters or snaps or soggy knives that disintegrate before your eyes. After all, you have spent time focusing on these little details, and we get that you want to rely on quality-made knives.

How do I know if eco-friendly knives are suitable for me?

These knives have plenty of pros: comfort for use, affordability, a second life regarding composting, convenience and durability, and so on. If any or all of these things appeal to you, these birch wood knives will be the right choice.

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