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At first glance, they're just like regular dessert bowls, but looking closer will help you to see that they are different enough to give you plenty of opportunities to play around with design, function, and responsibility.

These eco-friendly bowls are unlike any other you've seen. They are lightweight, sophisticated, elegant, and designed for you to do your part to enjoy an eco-friendly approach to life when it comes specifically to your party supplies and the expectations that you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is palm leaf bowls safe to use with liquid foods?

Yes! You can safely use these bowls with liquid foods that will normally seep right through the paper bowl options you've seen before. These are strong, made to last, and will be your go-to choice when you need and want reliable bowls that you can trust to make your guests' experience a good one!

How should I make the best use of my dessert bowls?

If you want to ensure that you put these bowls to work correctly, use them for ice cream, gelato, berries, grapes, or even mints! They're so versatile and compact that you can put them just about everywhere, and they'll be beautiful choices when you want something to dress up your table and its overall appeal.

Are these bowls more cost-effective than plastic ones?

Smarty's bowls are all priced affordably, so you can put your budget where you need to instead of choosing between high-end disposable party supplies and otherwise. One way to think about the "price" of these bowls is that they are intended to be used and thrown into your compost bin. So, they serve two purposes and will also reduce single-use waste at the same time!

Are palm-leaf bowls lightweight?

These are very lightweight bowls, offering you the long-awaited blend of convenience and durability that is unmatched in other options. For natural meets unique meets convenient, all in an eco-friendly footprint, look no further!

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