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Coral is the shade of red, representing love, care, and unity. When used correctly, this nuance provides a beautiful feeling of tenderness, oceanic peace, and devotion. It resonates with many for its ability to simply calm and satisfy all who look at it.

On the one hand, it is perfect to look at and rest your eyes on; on the other, it becomes incredible when combining it with different colors in a practical sense, too. So pick your...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many shades of coral?

Coral is a blend of red and orange, so you can explore numerous options of how it will fluctuate between red and orange. This means more opportunities for you to get every detail just right! It's great for those that want to do something with their table and event.

What are some unique uses of color in a tablescape?

Your table's design has so much potential when using bright colors like this. You can go all coral with fun matching sets or add subtle touches like dinner plates or napkins. You can blend it with other tropical shades and make your table look like a vacation. Whatever approach you want to take with your use of color, this fun and energizing shade are ready to help you.

Should I match my coral dinnerware together?

If you want a table with warm colors and unique designs, then matching dinner and appetizer plates together is a great idea. But play around with the napkins you choose and try a different shade of coral for a varied look. It'll give your tablescape that little something extra!

What colors match most with coral?

Because of its sea focus, you can best match this with tropical shades like turquoise, teal, yellow, blue, and more. However, it will be suitable when you're doing a natural and summery feel for your event. Plus, it's a fun twist on a kid's birthday party regarding color schemes and overall appeal.

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