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Managing your budget becomes crucial when you're in the final stages of your party planning, especially regarding disposable dinnerware. You want to make the best choice without breaking the bank. That's where Smarty Had a Party steps in, offering a range of disposable dinnerware sets that combine affordability with quality.

Unlike your typical party supply store, Smarty Had a Party is a high-end destination, providing a diverse and versatile collection of disposable plates and complementary products like 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these combo plate sets cost less than buying them separately?

These combination packs offer an effective pricing solution for those needing both types of plates. However, if you require varying quantities of each type for specific reasons, you can still purchase them individually. Nevertheless, opting for these combo sets ensures the best balance of quality and affordability.

Can I mix and match these sets? 

While these sets are designed to create a harmonious table setting, you are not restricted to using them that way! For instance, if you adore the appetizer plates from one set and the dinner plates from another, feel free to purchase both and mix and match. It's a delightful way to infuse a touch of uniqueness and lasting charm into your event.

How durable are these disposable plastic plates? 

Smarty's products excel in both quality and cost efficiency. Even though we are committed to maintaining affordable prices, our products are designed to stand up to the test. You can confidently use these plates with all your cutlery without concerns about cracking, chipping, or thinning that might lead to meal seepage. This is the value of choosing quality and professionalism.

Are these suitable for buffet setups or individual tablescapes? 

These plates are an excellent choice for either purpose! They will elevate the aesthetics of your table settings and make a sophisticated presentation when neatly stacked on your buffet-style serving table. Use them as you see fit, and they will enhance your table presentation every time.

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