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Let your plastic coffee mug show your spectacular sense of style. Your attention to every detail of your party décor will show with our fabulous collection of disposable coffee cups.

Whether you're organizing a wedding, shower, or birthday party, your celebration won't be complete without delicious hot drinks. A nice blend of tea or coffee is often used at celebrations to help with digestion and boost your energy so you can keep partying. Having a supply of disposable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put coffee in a plastic cup?

Yes. In our plastic coffee cup collection, the type of plastic used has a low conductivity, low melting point, and is a very good insulator. Our cups can also be recycled. Don't be afraid to use our disposable selections for coffee or any hot beverages.

Where to buy disposable coffee cups with lids?

Smarty offers bulk options for disposable coffee cups. You can count on our fancy disposable cups to elevate your next party or wedding. Shop our collection for a style that works for you.

Are disposable coffee cups recyclable?

Yes, the options are recyclable from our collection. You can use our disposable coffee cups for quick clean-up at the end of your event while still having a quality item for guests.

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