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Burgundy: The name alone indicates elegance and sophistication. It takes us back to the glorious era of beautiful lovely harmony and Venetian textures and patterns. The times of kings and queens, knights and servants, the times when every sentence pronounced was one of poetry. If this is the kind of vibe that you are looking to set for your event — regardless of what that event is celebrating — then look no further than this collection of burgundy-themed party supplies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to match burgundy dinnerware to other burgundy aspects in my tablescape?

While you can match them to other touches in your design, you don't have to! These plates have enough personality to stand out and create a rich look, even if everything else is neutral!

Are plastic plates going to be as decadent as porcelain plates?

While they are made of durable plastic and will be lighter than ceramic plates, these plates will undoubtedly be as decadent and fancy as porcelain and ceramic ones! These are upscale fancy disposable plates and supplies that will forever change how you look at disposable designs!

Should I match my flatware to the gold gilding?

Matching the gold in these designs with gold flatware is a great way to enjoy a cohesive design that will impress all who look at your table and how you decide to equip it! If you don't have gold but don't want to clash with silver, you can choose something like birch wood flatware! This will give the right combination without you having to have everything match perfectly.

How can I make my table look more regal?

Don't overthink the flourishes that you're looking at. Instead of paper napkins, go with cloth ones or ones that imitate cloth beautifully. Go for upscale disposable supplies that give the impression of real glass without the inconvenience. It's all about the little details!

Rich and Classic Burgundy Disposable Party Supplies

Take Your Party Back to the Eras of Kings And Queens With Gorgeous Burgundy Disposable Dinnerware