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At first glance, brown is kind of a neutral color. It gets skipped over in place of navy or ivory, or white. And yet, there's a presence to it that can't be denied. It fits any theme, texture, or color combination idea. You can use it as a neutral or as a statement color. It's about creating what you want to see for your event or party. Since you will see it differently than those around you, you'll want to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add animal print to my decor scheme?

When you're looking to play around with animal print, ensure you are careful in your approach. Don't mix your prints, and try not to overdo it. Every piece offers you a bold and memorable animal print. Smarty's options help you do it tastefully for the best experience.

Should I contrast or match my brown dinnerware with the rest of my table?

Most recommend that you match your brown dinnerware with the table's color, attitude, and approach settings. This will help it look like it's just part of the crowd instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

What color flatware works best with a brown tablescape?

For brown dinnerware, gold flatware is going to work best with the rest of your tablescape. It'll draw out the warm tones of the brown, and it will really help you to enjoy something different, captivating, and soothing. Plus, it will also be different enough to gain people's attention.

Can I reuse my Smarty's brown plates?

While these plates are meant to be disposable, you can reuse them if you want to! They're durable enough to be washed and reused several times and still look great!

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