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The allure of the color blue is truly captivating, evoking feelings of tranquility, serenity, and sophistication. From the vast expanse of the clear blue sky to the tranquil waves of the ocean, this hue has always held a special place in human consciousness. As you embark on your journey to explore the world of blue with Smarty Had a Party, you'll discover that it's not just a color but a gateway to an enchanting experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match all the blue dinnerware pieces?

Certainly, you can mix and match if you wish, but remember that an overly busy table might overwhelm you. We recommend selecting your favorite pieces from the blue collection and crafting a fabulous tablescape that allows each piece to shine.

How can I use blue dinnerware as an accent in my tablescape?

To accentuate with blue, consider incorporating it through items like napkins. Often overlooked, they provide ample room for exploration while still catching your guests' attention.

How do I bring out the gold in the blue and gold pieces?

To make the gold sparkle in your blue collection, pair it with gold plastic flatware or similar elements. By emphasizing it in a different aspect, you can fully enjoy the charm of both components.

Will the napkins bleed color?

Rest assured, our high-quality paper napkins won't bleed any color. They are designed to maintain integrity, avoiding color seepage into tablecloths, linens, or other items. You can trust our products to meet all your blue needs with the utmost quality.