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Embrace the unparalleled allure of blue and gold with our spectacular Potpourri Partyware Collection, designed to infuse your event with a glitzy blend of class and sophistication. There's an undeniable magic when these two regal colors come together, reminiscent of the grandeur of sporting events and coveted trophies. You can bring that same prestige to your celebration with our blue and gold potpourri party supplies.

This collection is not merely about decorating but creating an ambiance that exudes success, perseverance,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid overwhelming my table with too much metallic? 

There is such a thing as having "too much of a good thing," if you ask us. So to help have that professional appeal that really speaks to the accent rather than a takeover, you'll want to keep your flourishes small and focused. For instance, a charge plate with a monochrome or colorful dinner plate and appetizer plate. Or gold flatware with otherwise traditional dinnerware.

What are some tips for making my table's accent pieces stand out?

Arrange all your pieces together and step back for a holistic view. Ensure your accent pieces capture attention. Seek a second opinion to identify focal points and enhance visual impact.

Can Smarty's disposable supplies be reused? 

While our supplies are meant for single use, you can reuse disposable supplies. They are durable enough, particularly in the cutlery, to be washed and reused multiple times if you want to. The paper charger plates can be reused, too, but take care to keep them from getting soggy!

How should I care for my party supplies post-event? 

Choose between washing and reusing or convenient disposal. For eco-friendly options, recycle with plastic/paper products. Enjoy the festivities without worrying about cleanup hassles.

Distinctive Blue & Gold Potpourri Collection

Add a Touch of Glitz, Class, Power, and Royalty with Fabulous Blue & Gold Potpourri Partyware Collection