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Animal print is something that you either love or hate. If you happen to love it, then you're going to really enjoy the design of this disposable dinnerware. This is about exploring stunning and intricate animal prints that will help you enjoy the wonderful exploration of colors, patterns, and tablescapes! This will be precisely what you want and need for an event that will shake it up!

There are several prints for you to choose from. If you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use animal print for an elegant setting?

While you might not see an animal print at a Royal event, or something very slinky, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a trendy animal print even at that high-end event that you've got planned. So when you're searching specifically for an elegant setting, don't overlook the sheer potential in the world of disposable dinnerware.

Can I use these animal print plates for my child's birthday party?

Absolutely! Suppose you are planning an animal-themed event for your little one. In that case, these disposable plates with their realistic animal print will be beautiful choices when you are hunting specifically for that purpose! Not only are they impressive in their animal print, but they're also kid-friendly since they won't disintegrate, rip, or shatter! This makes Smarty's supplies so recommended for those kid-themed events in the first place!

What color flatware should I match with the animal print?

If you want to enjoy some flatware that will give you extraordinary coordination, go with a gold or a bronze finish. This will match the colored animal print plates. For the monochrome, you can go simple with white cutlery or daring with black cutlery!

How do I dispose of plastic plates responsibly when I'm done with them?

We are so happy to hear you ask this! Smarty Had a Party recommends that you rinse the plates off and then stick them in your recycling bin with the rest of your plastics to be recycled. This will allow you to dispose of them but still do it responsibly. You can also choose to wash them and reuse them from one event to the next.

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