It's My Party And I'll Spend If I Want To!

Uros Krstic

Hi everyone! My name is Shira and I'm very excited to post my first blog entry here on the official Smarty Had A Party Blog! I am one of Smarty's new bloggers and I will be blogging my tips and opinions about parties and how to make them oh, so SMARTY!

What are you doing this New Year's Eve?

I wonder if people will be celebrating this New Years Eve differently than last year and the year before - remember those times of plenty, when our parties had access to unlimited resources? Or, maybe, everyone is just so sick of being confined by the economy's tragic luck that they will just say: 'The hell with it! It's NEW YEAR'S & I'm going all out!' Where does this line begin and where does it end? Should we continue being frugal and cut back on every luxury and guilty pleasure we've ever had? Definitely not!

What about it?

At moments like these, we must party hard, or else how else will we survive these difficult times? So, girls and boys, I say we all celebrate this New Year's with a party that resembles how we wish to see the economy this upcoming year of 2010! Now don't make this a habit, but I think it's time we treat ourselves with a reward for all our hard work of savings and cutbacks we've made this year. Forget the chicken at this party and buy that beef you always yearn for! Stick to your trusted brand name and leave the generics for next time! If you want a break from all the DIY (do-it-yourself) you have done this year, then relax, pay for it and have someone else to do the labor instead of you. It's about time we gave ourselves a little pat on the back.

It's good to let it go from time to time

Okay, NOW I'm excited for New Year's! I would love to hear your feedback regarding my posts and to hear your thoughts on the matter. Be sure to check the blog weekly for my future posts. Looking forward! ~ Shira

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