DIY Tabletop S'mores Dessert Station

Milena Kukurekovic

S’mores! The name of this super-popular treat says it all. And one aspect of this S’ mores love affair we’re crazy about is a make-your-own S’ mores bar! They’re quick to put together, and your guests can just help themselves as they would like. Low maintenance and a party favorite – you can’t go wrong!

When my step-daughter told me she wanted a white-chocolate fountain instead of cake at her 18th birthday party, I was obliged to use the chocolate fountain we'd gotten as a wedding gift but had no occasion to use...until now. Little beknownst to her, I stalked her Pinterest board entitled "My Graduation or 18th Birthday Party" and also discovered pinned there a tabletop s' mores station that used Sternos to roast the marshmallows. How adorable would it be to roast your marshmallows, squish it between two graham crackers and then dip it in the chocolate fountain? Then roll it in sprinkles or chocolate chips or whatever little goodies we can up with.

To create the s' mores station, I filled a serving bowl with coffee beans and placed a Sterno in the middle, pushing it down just a little. When you light the Sterno, it will also heat the coffee beans and create a fragrant coffee aroma. Use metal fondue sticks rather than wooden skewers as those can catch fire easily.

Use a chocolate fountain to complete a DIY tabletop s' mores station (then dip the s'mores in the fondue fountain!).

Once you've roasted the marshmallows over the Sterno, place them in between two graham crackers and dip liberally in the chocolate fountain. To give the white chocolate a pink tint, I mixed in a few pink candy melts.

Create a DIY tabletop s' mores station using a Sterno with sprinkles and chocolate chips for garnish.

I used gold sprinkles (because they looked gorgeous on the pink-tinted chocolate), white chocolate chips, and crumbled graham crackers for s' more garnish. After you've dipped your s' mores, sprinkle them with a garnish of choice!


White chocolate-dipped smores with gold sprinkles.


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Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

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