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10" Clear with Scroll Plastic Dinner Plates
10" Clear with Scroll Plastic Dinner Plates

Kaya Collection

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10" White Wave Plastic Dinner Plates

Kaya Collection


9" Clear Flair Plastic Buffet Plates

Kaya Collection


9.5" Grape Purple Square Plastic Dinner Plates

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When you finally plate your main course and take it out to your guests at their spot on the table, you want to ensure that you give them the proper food presentation. No matter how good it tastes, it will be as effective in its appeal as the plate it's sitting on. So, why not take a look at Smarty's high-end collection of dinner plates and see for yourself just how effective your choice can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick my plates for my event?

When you want to figure out what plate is best, you'll want to focus on the idea of remembering what you're serving! Colorful plates should be used with quieter meal displays and vice versa. After all, you don't want a bright red plate fighting for attention with a colorful plate of salad! If you need help, ask your planner or someone experienced in presentation and decor!

Do I have to have my event catered to use fancy plates?

No! There is never a wrong time to have fancy and sophisticated disposable plates! Whether it's a high-end reception or a casual, laid-back birthday party, picking the right plate for your filet mignon or hot dogs will be one of those little touches that instantly make your event much more special and memorable.

Why are plastic plates better than ceramic or porcelain plates?

When you go with Smarty's high-end disposable plastic plates, you will get the appeal and allure of ceramic or porcelain, but with the convenience of plastic! So it'll be great when you are looking specifically for something that will offer you the best of both worlds, which should be the case for your special, upcoming event.

How do I get the best budget-saver?

If you want to keep your budget in the front of your mind, you'll want to consider looking at our value sets and keeping an eye on sales. You'll get a great plate from us that will be of professional quality without being so expensive that it's out of reach!

Elegant and Modern Disposable Dinner Plates

Dine With Elegance and Style With Modern Disposable Party Dinner Plates