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There's something so distinctive about square dinnerware. When searching specifically for something that will be warm, modern, and still easy to replicate, this collection is here to help you see a little bit of whatever it is that you are looking for. This specific collection blends together the details you most care about for the overall effect of your event.

Everything here uses the two main themes you see in the collection title: yellow and square. The yellow...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is round dinnerware considered outdated?

Round dinnerware is classic and modern at the same time. It's timeless, and you can easily use it for whatever impact you want. On the other hand, square dinnerware is an excellent choice for when you are looking at the idea of exploring true modern style with its edge. But round dinnerware is far from outdated!

Can I mix and match other colors with this collection?

If you want to add a soothing white, fun black, or another shade that you think will bring some originality to your tablescape, please do so! This will be a great starting point for creating an enviable, impressive, and sophisticated tablescape.

Are Smarty's plates really going to be durable enough for heavy foods?

Yes, Smarty's dinnerware is perfectly designed so that you can enjoy protection against heavy foods like meats and kinds of pasta. In addition, it is fantastic when trying to create a durable table setting that will also look great regarding its actual presentation on your table.

How realistic is the flatware in this collection?

The flatware will be as realistic as traditional silverware as possible. It has a realistic metal sheen and a beautiful and professional quality heft to it so that you can rely on it for spooning, forking, and cutting. It'll be incredible to help you explore the wonderful world of professional quality and disposable dinnerware together.

Modern Yellow Square Dinnerware

Create a Sunny and Cheerful Table with Smarty's Stylish Yellow Square Dinnerware Collection