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We know that you spend months, a year, or sometimes even years planning your perfect party. The one thing vital to you is for every little thing to be flawless and perfect. Your venue, your lighting, your music, and of course, your table setting. Nothing can ruin your plans.

By the time you've already chosen your dinnerware – fancy disposable plates, glasses, flatware, etc. – it comes time to choose the stylish party tablecloths to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tablecloths for a party?

Shop with Smarty Had A Party for the plastic tablecloths that make birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and weddings colorful and eventful. There are hundreds of options for you to choose from today!

Can I recycle plastic party tablecloths?

Our plastic tablecloths are one-time use, like other plastic tablecloth options. More than just having fun with plastic table covers, make sure you dispose of them correctly before your next party or major event.

How to measure a round plastic tablecloth to fit a table?

Start with measuring the diameter of your table and double the desired drop when looking for a round plastic tablecloth. For instance, a 90-inch circular tablecloth would be needed for a 60-inch round table with a 15-inch drop.

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