Non-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Temperature Measurement


Non-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Temperature Measurement

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  • Human Body Measurement: Suitable for all ages from infants, adults to the elderly, this infrared forehead thermometer provides the easiest and most practical way to measure temperature
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement: Conveniently measure your and anyone's temperature and avoid risk for cross infection with the use of this portable digital infrared thermometer temperature gun
  • Instant Thermometer Reading: Save time and get results in just 1 SECOND by simply pressing the measure button
  • High-definition Display: Reading results are made easier with the LCD large-size liquid display, high brightness with backlight, clear and soft display
  • High Temperature Alarm:  The red backlight of the display turns ON, the word "HI" is displayed, and an alarm sets out when High Temperature is detected
  • Widely Used: Other than people's forehead, it can also obtain the surface temperature of other object. Perfectly and widely used in hospitals, factory resumptions, office buildings, shopping malls or at home
  • Works in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

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At this point, safety takes center stage at functions, parties, and events more than ever. One of the best and most common ways to ensure the health and safety of everyone at an event is by checking body temperatures upon arrival. This may help indicate if the person is sick and therefore should not enter the event and be around others. With the Non-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Temperature Measurement, you can check the temperature of everyone from infants to the elderly in a non-invasive way. 

This Non-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Temperature Measurement requires no contact with the skin. You can instead measure temperature from a slight distance by raising it to their forehead and pressing the button. The result is made available to you in only one second, limiting the amount of time you must spend within proximity. With its instant reading displayed on the high-definition screen, you can easily see the results. The reading is presented in a large liquid display with a backlight and high brightness level to make sure the readout is visible at a glance. 

If the temperature of the person in question is high, the backlight of the product will turn red to alert you, and the word "hi" is displayed. On top of this, there is an alarm that will go off to be sure you don't miss this information. It is sensitive enough that it can also be used to measure the temperature of other objects and surfaces, giving it multifunctional purpose and design.