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Everyone loves the idea of high-end party supplies, though many will think they must pay a tremendous rate! These modern, unique items you see here will be the perfect examples to see that this is not the case! These beautiful disposable party supplies are new arrivals to Smarty had a Party; you can see that they are priced effectively and efficiently to help you enjoy the professionalism you want and need.

There's a little bit of everything here,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I match these with existing Smarty collections?

All of our products can be matched with either different sizes or similar themes, depending on which of our new arrivals you're looking at! You click on the one you like and see "related items" at the bottom of the page to help you find the perfect combination for your next event!

Where can I find dinnerware when they are no longer considered "new"?

You'll be able to find all of these items in their matching sections when they graduate from this page to our classic collections pages. For example, "dinner plates," "plastic cups," etc. These options will simply move around from page to page as needed!

How often is this page updated?

Every time we have new products, they are added to this page in reverse order. So, you'll see the first page start to shift and move around as new ones are added. The more that we add, the more often it's updated. This is why you need to keep an eye on this page often so you can always see when new additions are added for you to look at!

What will these new arrivals add to my next party?

All sorts of things! Creativity, originality, professional integrity, a pop of color, a surprise touch, ad more. Smarty's products are designed to transform your event into something special, one new touch at a time!

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