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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

Kaya Collection


Purple Paper Beverage/Cocktail Napkins

Creative Converting


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Many people are drawn to the allure of high-end party supplies, but the misconception often persists that they come with an exorbitant price tag. However, the modern and unique party items showcased here will serve as perfect examples to dispel this notion. These exquisite disposable party supplies have recently made their debut at Smarty Had a Party, and you'll quickly notice that they are priced both effectively and efficiently, allowing you to indulge in the level of professionalism you desire without...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I coordinate these with existing Smarty collections? 

Our products seamlessly blend with different sizes or similar themes within our new arrivals. Click on your choice and find "related items" at the bottom of the page to craft the ideal combo for your next event!

Where can I find dinnerware when they are no longer considered "new"?

Once they graduate from this page, locate these items in matching sections like "dinner plates," "plastic cups," and more. They'll shift pages as needed.

How frequently is this page refreshed? 

We update it each time we introduce new products in reverse order. Watch it evolve with each addition. Frequent visits ensure you're always in the know about our latest offerings!

What can these new arrivals bring to my next party? 

Endless creativity, originality, professional flair, a burst of color, unexpected charm, and more. Smarty's products are designed to elevate your events, one innovative addition at a time!

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