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A new and very interesting design from our Smarty! Something that comes as a product of Smarty’s endless research in the area of style and class. 

For a very long period of time, mahogany was one of the greatest representers of high-quality materials in the field of furniture, which later expanded to many areas in everything that has the connection to the area of design. When first thought off the wooden dinnerware, mahogany instantly found it’s way into it, yet, Smarty had created these beautiful pieces of dinnerware in order to provide style and quality that mahogany has, and still save the woods and the environment with the lovely plastic, disposable and recyclable products for your wedding and other events, to save your time and for you to concentrate on what’s important - having a good time.

Disposable Mahogany Dinnerware

Beautiful Disposable Mahogany Plates and Dinnerware For Your Classy Wedding - Stylish Like The Best Wood