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More about our Ivory Partyware

Ivory is undoubtedly considered one of the world's most prestigious and rare materials. However, if we consider its color, it is the most simple yet elegant one. It is so universal to be the easiest to combine with anything. It only makes sense, then, that you'd want to put it into use with your event, whatever it might be! It shouts class, decadence, and simplicity.

Smarty offers a great variety of plates, napkins, table covers, bowls, chair covers,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I match ivory dinnerware with other kinds of colors?

Yes! While typically matched with itself, ivory goes well with many colors to help you put together a table that will be refined, sophisticated, and just suitable for the event effect you're looking to create. The sky's the limit, so don't be afraid to dream big. It may just be the thing that shows you what's out there as far as professionalism is concerned.

Is ivory only for refined settings?

No, definitely not! You can use ivory for whatever kind of event you want and love, knowing that it will offer you that sense of class that isn't going to be too disruptive, either. Perfect for the air of professionalism that you deserve! Going with that refined and streamlined tablescape will show you just how nice the world can be!

Can I use multiple ivory designs together in this collection?

We absolutely recommend trying that out! First, pick your favorite pieces to explore high-end design. Then, create a tablescape that is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless but still quirky with a sense of personality that won't be amiss. That's an essential facet that many overlook with dinnerware, so bring it out properly!

What matches ivory best: silver or gold flatware?

Gold often works well with the warmth of ivory since they highlight each other's hues. However, don't be afraid to look at colorful flatware and classic silver style. There's no wrong way to try dressing up your table. Most importantly, you get what you most want for your event!

Refined and Classic Ivory Disposable Dinnerware

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