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There will be some fun and excitement waiting for dinner with these blossom-themed dinnerware pieces. Everything you see here will offer you beautiful choices regarding the details that matter the most to you. No matter what details actually mean the most to you, this collection of disposable dinnerware will meet them!

The first thing you'll notice about these pieces is that they take on a distinctive blossom shape. The blossom collection is an excellent choice when you are...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it professional to use shaped dinnerware for my event?

There's some myth that going with dinnerware in an alternative shape is unprofessional, but this is thankfully false! These dinnerware options will offer you a great choice when you want a touch of style but nothing that is too over the top.

Are fancy disposable dinner plates suitable for use with casual food?

Yes! You can use these plates with hot dogs and s'mores as easily and beautifully as you can for steak and cheesecake. They're going to transform themselves into whatever you want them to and will both add a fun flair to, and dress up, your meal of choice! These are great in-between options!

What makes plastic blossom plates so different?

If you look at their edges, you'll see that they aren't scalloped, round, flared, or crisp. Instead, they blend all those things to create an organic and dynamic shape that will please the eye and introduce it to something entirely different!

What are some tips for using navy carefully in my tablescape?

If you love the appeal of the navy blossom plate set, you'll want to stick to light, white, and clear serving ware and tablecloths. The navy is a rich color that you don't want to "crowd" with other colors that will essentially fight for focus on your meal.

Decorative and Fun Blossom-Themed Disposable Dinnerware

Treat Your Party Guests and Yourself With This Super Adorable, Fancy, & Disposable Blossom Dinnerware Collection