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Top 7 Party Decorations of 2022

Top 7 Party Decorations of 2022

Decorations always play a significant role in making your party stand out. However, it's constantly evolving with time. Still, the good thing about the ornaments is it's always worth knowing the trendy ones because you would be the first to arrange a party with the modern decor. 

If you want to plan a party and can't come up with the decor ideas, look no further. We have covered you with the top 7 handpicked decorations of 2022 that your guests would be surprised to see. 

Stick to the end to explore the trendy decor ideas, tips and tricks, and a lot more, so your party is more entertaining and gorgeous than ever. 

1 - Marquee Letters

Marquee letters were used in the past and were the show's start. They were used for different types of TV shows to decorate the stage, theaters, and cinemas to attract the people. 

Now, they can be used for upscale parties to add an elegant touch to the decor. They are perfect for this type of function. For example, you can use marquee letters for the birthday parties to display the "Happy Birthday," for weddings to display the couple's name, and for baby showers.

Replace the conventional balloons with the marquee letters and give your party a vintage touch. Then, decorate them with garland balloons to make their elegance even more prominent.

2 - Arabian Nights

Decorate your party with Arabian traditional decor. Instead, set up the furniture, and replace it with elegant carpet and a bunch of pillows for sitting arrangements. 

You don't need to be in the desert for the Arabian decor. However, you can make it look like it by creating an atmosphere resembling desert vibes. Light up a bunch of lanterns, colorful, vibrant canopies, and curtains to create an atmosphere full of ambiance and vibrant decor. 

Setting up the chairs and dining tables wouldn't surprise your guests. So think out of the box and go without the chairs and the dining table. Instead of setting up the tables, serve the food on the floor, as it's an Arab way of serving the food. 

3 - Transparent Chairs

Transparent chairs might seem a little weird to you if you haven't read or heard about them before. However, they are pretty trendy and work perfectly fine for all types of upscale events. 

Don't worry about the durability of the transparent chairs. They aren't made of glass. Instead, they are made of hard plastic. So instead of using the covered chairs, replace them with transparent chairs and make your decor stand out. 

Moreover, by going for the transparent chairs, you would be killing the hassle of matching the chair covers with the party theme. They are transparent and look fabulous with every theme idea and party decor. 

4 - Neon Light Signs

When it comes to the party decor, the ambiance is necessary to make it look attractive. So what else could you think of other than the vibrant lights to bring the ambiance to your party decor? Bright your party space with neon lights. 

They are perfect for doors, toilet signs, welcome party signs, and beverage areas. Also, you can put the evergreen message for the guests at the party. 

Moreover, neon lights can be used to decorate the backdrops so your guests can have attractive photos for their social media accounts.

5 - Metallic Balloons Shapes 

Gone are the times when the balloons had no varieties other than the availability of the colors and size. In 2022, the industry has massively evolved, resulting in the availability of various balloons. 

Decorate your party space with metallic balloon shapes to add a unique touch to the decor. Choose shapes according to your party theme to make it more mesmerizing and attractive for the guests. 

For instance, if you are throwing a little ones' party and have chosen an astronaut theme for the party, then you have metallic rocket-shaped balloons, space-ship-shaped balloons, and balloons with an illustration of the milky way.

6 - Decorative Serving Wares

An elegant tablescape can make a huge difference in your party decor. And, when it comes to the table decor, serving ware plays a critical role in making things communicate formally on the table.

In 2022, the event planners industry will be more focused on working on serving ware decor. If you have a party theme in your mind for your next party, then half of the job has been done. All you have to do is to choose the decorative serving wares that match your party theme. 

You can go with disposable serving ware, as they are pretty easy to craft and turn into a piece of art. You can decorate them according to your own creative instinct and use them for the serving ware purpose. 

Think of a photo wreath, create a fantastic photo wreath with the disposable plates, use each plate to display one photo, and create a photo timeline.

Get elegant plastic serving ware for parties at a fraction of the cost. We have a wide variety of disposable serving bowlsplastic serving trays, and disposable serving cutlery for all types of upscale events.

Big Cake

Cakes are also becoming part of a gorgeous display at the parties. That's why the variety is endless to choose from. Whether celebrating a birthday or throwing a wedding party, the cake would be the focal point of the attention. 

Take full advantage of the audience's attention and be thoughtful when choosing the cake for your celebrations. Apart from the conventional cake size, select a cake from a bigger size, so it's a star of the show. 

The cake decorations are also an area where you can play with your party decor. Match the cake color and decor like garlands and flowers with the party's theme. Discuss the party theme with your cake designer if you are lucky to be born in a millionaire's home.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

Enhance Your Party with Our Easy Tips & Ideas

Enhance Your Party with Our Easy Tips & Ideas

Have a party with your family and friends and get rid of your life's stress and anxieties for an evening. The foremost and the obvious reason is to feel relaxed and happy with your loved ones. Consider yourself the glue that binds family and friends at the party. 

It's not just about good food and pretty dresses that you wear at a party; it's also about how you act. If you don't get into a free chit-chat with your guests, no matter how eager you were to throw a party, it will not overwhelm them.

Hosting a party is a lot of fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Don't be too harsh on yourself, as we all know throwing a party is challenging, but we will make it easy for you. 

Tip to remember: Always plan a party that's easiest to execute. Minimize the stressors. The first five minutes are essential as the guests always remember how you welcomed them.

"No one wants to be in a lawless place," says Parker. 

Never leave your guests alone; Consider it your responsibility to entertain, unite, or protect them. 

Do you want to arrange an ordinary get-together? Or do you want to organize a party that will be remembered even after years? 

Don't worry. We've compiled a list of fantastic party ideas for you to consider. These suggestions would surely be practical and beneficial for every type of celebration, and all types of guests, whether you are hosting youngsters, adults, or senior folks.

Make A List of Your Priorities

Make a list of all the essentials you'll need for the party. You can buy ready-made items. Don't wait for the last hour to make all the arrangements. Do some pre-decoration and prepare food before the arrival of your guests so that you can rejoice and enjoy the festivities of the party when your guests arrive. Check the list ahead of time and highlight any items that are missing so that you can find other accommodations or alternatives for those things. 

A Co-Host Makes Things Easier

Never overburden yourself. Having a helper or a co-host can be life-saving. Divide the tasks between you and the helpers, and make sure to consider your co-hosts' suggestions. And don't always expect them to perform all of the menial tasks! 

Have a Five-Star Dining With Flawless Utensils 

Simply say no to the standard dishes and yes to the eco-friendly dinnerware set. Tableware complements the appearance of your dinner and gathering. Let your simple, classy tableware attract your guests without effort. Make use of eco-friendly plates, eco-friendly bowls, eco-friendly cutlery, and the most trendy square palm leaf plates

Whenever we attend a dinner, the first thing we notice is the host's cutlery and flatware on its dining table. And expect the same at your party too. Dinnerware is a reflection of how the person makes choices regarding his event. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of eco-friendly party supplies, available in a wide range of pretty colors, elegant designs, and beautiful patterns.

Keep It Minimal Yet Swanky 

Invite a few close friends or family members and avoid throwing a long weekend bash. Let your guests mingle up with each other easily and without any hesitation. After all, the goal of the gathering is to bring people together and have some fun. Don't waste the entire day trying to get things done. 

The Self-Serve Food Buffet

When planning a party, such as a baby shower, wedding reception, or celebration, try to serve the food buffet style. Most brunch meals are simple to prepare, so you won't be stuck in the kitchen all day. 

You can serve crabs and salads, summer vegetable platter, pea or mango mousse, and sausages. 

Display all the food items so that their presentation makes them stand out.

The World is Getting Digital-So Shall You!

Sending a digital invitation sets the tone for a stunning occasion. First, write the event's exact location, time, and date on the invitation card. Then, impress your guests with some friendly and kind welcoming quotes. You can also mention some RSVPs on the card. 

Make Your Party Exceptional!

The theme of the party is a crucial focus for most people. Choose an unrepeated and unique theme to make the party exceptional, as the general tone of the party is determined by the theme. Choose the theme according to the type of party that you are throwing. For example, a party for the baby shower demands a different theme than a rehearsal dinner.  

Party Decorations-Unique not Average 

The atmosphere of the occasion is enhanced by some pretty decorations. A few minor details can make a significant difference. Serve cute and adorable straws with little umbrellas, a lovely bunch of fresh flowers, a couple of balloons, and exquisite napkins. 

Lanterns strongly impact the decor, so use them to illuminate the space.

Putting effort into making the arrangements makes you a good host. 

Warm Hearts and Cold Hands!

People will love to enjoy the party to the fullest if the weather seems good to them. Don't make your guests melt in the heat; turn the AC on. Put your air conditioner down four degrees below normal to minimize overcooling and maintain a consistent temperature. So that everyone may relax and enjoy themselves.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Greet warmly and never make your guests feel unwelcome. 
  • It's a golden rule for being a good host. Don't assume you have to be on your feet all the time or serve the guests just because you're the host; you do, but don't let it get on your nerves. 
  • Who wants to be present at the boring party? No one! Be creative when it comes to decoration and theme. 
  • Ask your guests about their food preferences. Take care of those who have allergies and any other dietary concerns. 
  • Give tiny and thoughtful gifts to your guests so they can keep them with them forever.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

The Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

The Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

"Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount; they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner," says Kristi Richardson. 

It can sometimes seem overwhelming just because you recently got engaged and are checking out for alternatives to make this the next big thing of your life.

The techniques and steps are the same. Just have a checklist to follow every step. 

You should set a time and date as well as book a venue to start your wedding event as quickly as possible.

Here are the 14 steps you should follow to have the perfect wedding: 

1. Having the proper wedding budget
2. Get a wedding planner app
3. Gather some ideas and take in inspiration
4. Prepare a guest list
5. The best wedding dress for you and your bride
6. The best date for the day
7. Wedding registry
8. Dinner details
9. Honeymoon preparations 
10. Start attending those pre-wedding events
11. Wedding invitations
12. Creating a seating chart for the guests that will arrive during the wedding
13. Obtaining a license for the wedding

1. Having the proper wedding budget

It is essential to make a list of things and the amount of money you will spend on those essentials. It is tough to manage all the stuff and decorations that you want to purchase all at once. This would include the venue expense, decorations, food expense, drinks expensedisposable plates for weddings, and proper lighting.

2. Get a wedding planner app

This will help you check your progress, remind you about the remaining wedding work you must do, and help you quickly accomplish your wedding goals in no time.

3. Gather some ideas and take in inspiration

Check out how others are setting up stuff for their wedding parties and gather some inspiration from others' work. Then, start brainstorming what you want for your wedding. Finally, start scrolling down on social media platforms to get some ideas and see what the latest trends for a wedding are going on in 2022.

4. Prepare a guest list

Start listing the people you want to invite to your weddings, like close friends, family members, or colleagues. Next, check the size of the venue on how many people can fit in. If it's a big venue, then invite more people. If it's small, invite fewer guests and check your expenses on food items they will consume. For example, to ensure that you have enough dinnerware, even for guests you may not have planned, you should simply order elegant plastic plates in bulk from Smarty Had A Party.

5. The best wedding dress for you and your bride

Head out for shopping and check out the brand-new clothing collection you need for your bride. What would make you feel in your zone of comfort and get you in the best look and shape for your wedding?

6. The best date for the day

You can't set a date until you book a venue, but it's better to start searching out the best dates available when you're free to do all your work at once, and you could also give time to your loved ones. So look out for your calendar.

7. Wedding registry

Many will ask you, 'where are you registered?' after you have announced your engagement and planning for your wedding. So, get your wedding registry quickly registered. 

Your family members would want to purchase a gift as soon as possible, like plastic dinnerware sets for a wedding or some other tableware, of course. There is always time to change your wedding registry later.

8. Dinner details

It takes a night before the wedding; a rehearsal dinner that consists of disposable wedding plates also requires some planning. Mostly, you will have to plan, but it's better to find out who's preparing for it and paying for the event. It takes about 6-7 months for all staff to take place before the big day.

9. Honeymoon reminder

Don't get yourself too much into your wedding. Remember you'll have a honeymoon after that. So you need to start looking for the best location, book your travel, and the area you will live in.

10. Start attending those pre-wedding events

Those events could be the bachelor and the bachelor party, engagement parties, and bridal showers. Make sure to set the tables with the settings of elegant disposable plates for weddings to enjoy every moment of it and attend it as the guest of honor.

11. Wedding invitations

There are usually about eight weeks before the big day, and the RSVP deadline is about two to three weeks earlier. Therefore, sending the invites critically on time is one of the most essential steps to planning a successful wedding.

12. Creating a seating chart for the guests that will arrive during the wedding

Work with the event planner for your venue to create a seating arrangement based on the upcoming guests arriving for the wedding. For example, based on the order of kinships like relatives and close family and friends, you can also use a tool online that would randomize the sitting arrangement based on the importance of the party guests.

13. Obtaining a license for the wedding

One of the most emphasizing steps if you have planned a wedding is the marriage license that will prove the rights of you and your partner that both are legally married to one another. Every different country or state has additional marriage licenses depending on its laws.

The last step before everything else confirms the details.

Confirm the details beforehand, such as the date, timing, and place, so that the guests you have invited would not be confused about the place they have to arrive and the arrangement of the food that has to be served to the party guests, thus removing anything that might upset them.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

What Is the Best Summer Party Theme?

What Is the Best Summer Party Theme?

Summer is a season of parties, and the best part about summer parties is there are endless choices of party themes. The natural way to enjoy the summers is to throw an epic party and let the fun begin. 

However, if you are a hardcore party lover, you might be bored of returning to the same old party themes that don't excite you anymore. Well, the event planning industry is always on the move to evolve. As a result, there are plenty of summer party themes that you must haven't tried.

If you have already planned to throw a fantastic party, we have your back with tons of themes to make your summer party full of excitement and fun. So stick to the end to find the best theme idea for your next party. 

Beach & Pool Party

In the dazzling heat of the summers, when our bodies' temperature gauge is almost hitting its peak, there's one thing that can make things enjoyable; a beach or pool party. We are discussing the summer party themes; how can you miss the pool party idea. 

Throw an epic beach party or bring the beach to your backyard and let the fun begin. The kids can also be your guests to learn some new swimming skills from the adults. Take the bite-size food, plenty of cold drinks in the cool box, and some seasonal fruits to the beach. 

You can also make your backyard look like the beach; you only need the inflatable pool toys, sand, beach or lawn chairs, decor, and seafood to graze throughout the party. Throwing a beach/pool party isn't just budget-friendly but also a fun activity to spend some quality time with your favorite people. 

Backyard Dinner Party

When it comes to the summer party, you can't go wrong with backyard parties. It doesn't only provide you and your guests with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the vibe but is also a great way to create summer memories. 

If you prefer partying on cold nights instead of hot days, a backyard dinner party is the best choice to go for. 

Arrange a dinner party in your backyard, invite your friends and family, set up an elegant table, decorate the surroundings and cover the trees and plants with lights. Use the mason jars, craft them according to your creativity and make enchanting centerpieces for your tablescape. 

Give your table elegant touches with our fancy disposable serving ware that comes in various designs and colors. Using disposable plasticware to serve your guests would enable you to clean up like a breeze. 

Since disposable plasticware products are supposed to be discarded, you wouldn't have to spend hours washing a pile of dishes. Apart from parties, you can also use disposable plasticware for day-to-day use and serving needs. 

Get plasticware for parties at a fraction of the cost at "Smarty Had a Party." The best part is the online sale on all fancy dinnerware sets and serving wares. 

Picnic Party

Picnic parties are a great excuse to go to lovely outdoor gatherings with your favorite people around. Picnic parties happen to be the easiest in terms of arrangements. Most of the things you'll need for the picnic party will already be sitting at your home. 

Do thorough research to choose the best picnic spot for your party. Try to go with the unique options for everyone, like camping in the woods around the chirping nature or national park.

Take blankets, a comfortable spread, soft pillows, and plenty of water, beverages, and food. You don't need to cook all the food for the party; ask the send-outs guests to bring something with them to the party. 

Classy Movie Night 

What else could be cooler than laying in the cozy blankets under a starry night and watching an epic movie? If daytime parties aren't your thing, as the summer is scorching the heat over your heads, then say yes to the movie night party. 

Create your party scene by setting up a theatre in your backyard. For the immersive and best movie-watching experience, make sure to have some speakers. Use the live projectors to set up a big screen, so no one misses a perfect angle to enjoy the movie. 

You can't have a fantastic movie night without plenty of beverages, sweet treats, popcorn, and bite-sized food so everyone can graze on throughout the party. 

For the party touch, spread plenty of party balloons, hang streamers, and of course, you can play with the lighting to add aesthetics to the scene. 

Enchanting Luau Party

Luau parties are famous in Hawaii and rooted in the Hawaii islands. Though you might not be able to throw luau on the Hawaii islands, you can make your venue look alike. 

Luau parties are a great way to enjoy summer vacations with a unique party theme. So throw an epic luau party in your backyard or wherever you can, and get prepared to impress your Instagram followers with some epic portraits. 

For the decor, apart from the appropriate lighting, use the fruits like coconuts and pineapple to set the scene. You can even use them to make refreshing mocktails for your guests at the party. 

Moreover, use the flowers, tropical elements, and florals to create an epic island atmosphere at the party. Finally, ask your guests in the party invitations to dress up casually like they will be partying on the island. 

Fun Activities & Games for Summer Parties

Parties are incomplete with fun and entertainment. After your guests eat the food, plan some party games, contests, and fun activities to keep the guests entertained at the party. 

When it comes to party games, you don't have to do a lot about them. Just choose the games that don't require a lot of effort and arrangements to make. We have curated a list of them for you. 

  • Face paintings
  • Magic show
  • Watermelon carving
  • Dance contest
  • Singing contest
  • Water balloon dodging

There are plenty of summer games that you can play with your guests. Find different game ideas from the internet, as it's flooded with them.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

How to Throw the Greatest “Welcome Summer” Party?

How to Throw the Greatest “Welcome Summer” Party?

The Month of June marks the official start of summer. Kids get vacations from school after a tiring year, and adults want to welcome the party season with great enthusiasm. So it is the perfect time to throw a party. So give everyone a reason to cheer up through a “Welcome Summer” party this summer.

Your kids would love an entertaining welcome summer party with their friends with good food, refreshing drinks, fun games to play, and a lot of ice cream. Even the adults too!

There’s one tiny problem - you don’t wanna throw a boring welcome summer party. And in that case, you must be wondering how you will make it perfect. Well, there is no need to worry as we are here to tell you exactly that.

Follow these steps and take inspiration from the ideas so you can throw an epic welcome summer party.

Plan First

An event can never be great if it’s not well planned. Planning is the first step of throwing a party and must be well thought out. Take a paper and a pen and carefully write about how you want your event to go.

Start with a list of people you wanna invite following the theme or dress code (if you are going to set one), location, entrance, menu, games, and a purchase list.


“Welcome Summer” itself is a theme, but you can have other themes in your welcome summer party. For instance, you can consider a watermelon, tropical, ice cream sundae, cocktail, or Hawaiian beach theme.

You can set a dress code per the theme, such as red and green for a watermelon theme and Hawaiian Lei for a Luau theme.


Summer parties look great when thrown outdoors. So we would suggest you take your welcome summer party outdoors. Maybe somewhere near the beach or in your backyard. Talk about a welcome summer pool party - it is the greatest.


Research says your guests clearly remember the start and end of your party and make a perception of the entire event based on just that. So plan how you are going to make this part memorable. No, you don’t need to set up a decorated gate or a balloon arch for it.

You can make the entrance memorable by giving your guests a Lei as they arrive and greeting them with energy; it’s that simple.


Keep your welcome summer party menu simple. Finger foods are an excellent option for an outdoor party. You can serve pizza bites, garlic potato wedges, guacamole, pasta salad, chicken tenders, beef kebabs, potato pinwheels, cowboy caviar, mushroom galette, or quesadilla.


This is the best part because everyone will be waiting for a chilled drink at the party. Set up a mini drink station and serve a variety of drinks. If you are having a large number of guests, fill up a drink dispenser with lemonade or mint margarita and place it at the table.

Put fancy plastic stemware by the dispenser because that’s a must. Your tableware impacts the table, so be careful when purchasing plastic wine glasses. Bulk can be bought from here to serve a crowd. These disposable plastic wine glasses are a must for your drink station because of their style and design.

We would like to suggest you buy disposable wine glasses, so you don’t need to carry them back home.


Serve dessert shooters in mini cups and make your guests feel fulfilled after the snacks.

Make Welcome Summer Banners

You don’t really need to decorate the place very elaborately. Instead, craft a banner and write “Let’s Give a ‘Warm’ Welcome to Summers” or “Oh hi Sun” on it. You can also make a balloon garland.

Get linen pennants from a dollar store; they cost less than 5 dollars. Write letters on the pennants and attach them to a string using glue.

Take Your Party to Pool

As we said before, pool summer parties are the best. You just can’t go wrong with them. Fill the pool with rubber ducks and balloons and dive right in. Plus, there are a lot of games to play in the pool, making it a lot more entertaining.

Make your welcome summer pool party great by setting comfortable chairs by the poolside and decorating it with balloons and hanging lights.

Build an Ice Cream Station

The first thing we want at an outdoor summer party is ice cream. They are just everyone’s favorite. Like the drinks station, you can build your little ice cream station. An ice cream trolley or cart will work just fine.

There are so many flavors of ice cream and popsicles that you can serve on your ice cream station. Popsicles are the easiest to make at home using just a few ingredients. Put different toppings in separate bowls.

Make a Smoothie Bar

If an ice cream bar doesn’t suit you, set up a smoothie bar instead. It’s perfect when you have kids attending the party. It will be an ideal choice if you choose to throw the party in your backyard.

Entertain with Games

There are so many ways you can entertain your guests, and games are one of those. A summer party without games and activities feels so dull. You can play Hula Hoop, Pictionary, popcorn dancing, three-legged, frog, or lemon, and spoon races.

Pool party games include a water fight (just bring a water gun with you), water race, sponge water bombs, and ring toss.

You can also play the ‘slap the head’ game that was very popular on Tiktok recently.

Surprise Your Kids with Gift Baskets

Kids love surprises! Make mini gift baskets for the kids; believe us, they would love them. You can fill the baskets with dollar store toys or craft supplies. Make it cute by wrapping it in plastic paper and tying it with a colored ribbon.

Mason jars are an alternative to baskets. Fill mason jars with colored pencils and give them to the kids as party favors.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!