Usher in the Irish Cheer with Our Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Party Table

Usher in the Irish Cheer with Our Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Party Table

Nothing is more enjoyable and refreshing than throwing an amazing St. Patrick’s day party. It can be an excellent opportunity to have a refreshing start to the spring after the long winter season. 

You need appropriate party supplies, Irish music, and Irish dishes to have an epic St. Patrick’s Day party at your clan. Well, don’t feel overwhelmed as we have got your back to help you throw an exquisite St. Patricks’s day party at your home and make it a talk of the town.

Read one to find out how you can turn this day into a more enjoyable and refreshing one for yourself.

Send Out Invitations

First things first, send out invitations to your guests a few weeks in advance. Sending invitations before the weeks will make it easier for your guests to plan their schedules accordingly. 

Decorate the invitation by providing the Irish culture touch to them. Use shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, or pots of gold. If you don’t have time to decorate them, just simply print shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns on them. 

Decorate your Party

Once you have sent all the invitations, it’s time to dress up your home and make it ready for the party. For the St. Patrick’s day party, you need to transform your home into an Irish garden. Meaning, use the green supplies to decorate your home as the green color is associated with this.

Decorate the Surroundings Balloons

Balloons are the sweet element and can be used to elevate any party’s decor. Use green balloons and hang them all over walls, windows, adjoints of ceilings. Decorate the entryway by hanging the balloon over it to welcome your guests. 

You can also use a combination of bottle green and gold or bottle green and black balloons to dress up your home.

Dress up Walls with Shamrock

Use the construction paper to cut out the shamrock and cover your walls with them to show shamrocks proudly. You can also use the three-leaf shape to decorate walls, doors, and tables.

Try to be creative with your St Patrick’s day party decoration and indulge in Irish culture. 

Add Greenery

As green is a preferred color in decor at the St. Patrick’s day party, adding greenery to the party decoration will provide your party with a festive look. Use flowers and flowers, cover the entryway with white asylum and moss. 

Moreover, it’s spring season using flowers in your party decoration will provide a festive yet vibrant look. 

Decorate your Table

The table will be the place where your guests would be having meals and spending their quality time while gossiping with one another. Decorate it with the appropriate decoration and give it an Irish touch to make it look appealing to your guests.

Use the green serving wares, such as green chargers, green bottle drinkware collection, and vases. You can also create a lovely combination of green with gold in your serving ware.

For instance, use the green charger plates with the white dinner plates and gold flatware. It will create a lovely combination of green, gold, and white.

Use plasticware as a variety of colors are offered in plasticware sets. We have a variety of disposable plasticware that comes in various designs and colors. Look around and get elegant party supplies to elevate your table’s decor.

Plan the Menu

Food is an important part of any party, so shape the menu days before the party arrives. For the party menu: you should include Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage. They are Irish traditional dishes but feel free to serve something else, like Irish heart stew (made with lamb), fish, and chips (french fries).

Moreover, include some crowd-pleasing appetizers that happen to be green, like guacamole, green salsa, and spinach dip. Don’t forget to have Irish bread on the menu as it’s one of the most famous Irish desserts. Have Irish bread as your “WOW Item” so your guests can say “Wow this is amazing”. 

You can also bake the four-leaf clover cake at home to serve it as a dessert. Use four heart-shaped pans to achieve a clover shape for your cake. 

Play Irish Music

Before your guests arrive at the party, play Irish music to welcome them with festive vibes. Also, a good music taste can set their mood and transform the vibes of your party, so it’s important to have a good sound system and a ready-to-play playlist for the party. 

There are numerous Irish artists you can play at your party like Chieftains, U2, Enya, The Corrs, and Van Morrison. Spotify is the best platform where you can find all the Irish and other artists’ music.

Riverdance Contest

Good hosts always keep their guests engaged and make them enjoy the party. Pop in a CD or a DVD of Riverdance and hold an Irish dance step contest at your party. 

Present the reward to the one who wins the hearts of your guests by outperforming at the dance step. You can present a rabbit’s foot known as a symbol of good luck in Ireland. 

Serve Irish Coffee

Before your guests leave, provide them the treat by serving an Irish coffee. Make an Irish coffee topped with whipped cream. If you aren’t good at cooking, surf the internet to find out the recipe guide. This way you will be able to discover more Irish dishes and meals you can serve at your party. 

Play Gold Hunt

Play a gold hunt game at your party with your guests to make them enjoy the party. Hide plenty of gold coins around your party space. You can use candies or even pennies. Divide your guests into two teams and send them on the gold hunt. 

Set the two minutes timer and give a reward to the team who collects the most coins. You can set the number of minutes if you have a large party space or you have hidden too many coins to collect.


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