Top 10 Father's Day Party Ideas

Top 10 Father's Day Party Ideas

Milena Kukurekovic

Father's day is around the corner, and you might have thought of a perfect gift for him. No doubt, giving a gift to a special one is a way to their heart for you, but since it's father's day, it should be celebrated the entire day. 

Just like the other special events, father's day itself is also an event that is celebrated on the 19th of June. Throwing a father's day party is a perfect way to begin the celebration on this day. If you are running out of ideas, we have curated a list of them for you. 

Mostly, father's day is all about spending quality time dining in the backyard or jamming with your siblings and father. Whatever, the point is to enjoy the moment and make him feel loved and proud. So stick to the end to discover epic father's day party ideas. 

Backyard BBQ Party

Most of the time, most dads don't feel like going out for unknown reasons. That's why the BBQ party is a great way to make him enjoy the moment and spend quality time with him. Also, the BBQ parties don't require too many arraignments to be made. 

Just invite his best friends and the best company he enjoys, and make your backyard ready for the party by setting up the table, furniture, lighting, and decorative party supplies. Ask the siblings for help to make the party arrangements stress-free.

You can prepare a little speech to read to all the guests at the party. Then, if you are confident enough, it would be a perfect moment to avail yourself and make your father the happiest father on earth. 

Picnic Party

If the outside weather is favorable, take your father to the picnic resort, beach, or a national park for a picnic party. Considering his interest while deciding on the picnic point, you might find clues as to where he would enjoy the party. 

Make the party special by arranging a lovely bash for everyone at the party. If there are kids, consider entertaining them with a face painting activity or by hiring a magician. 

There are plenty of ideas that you can google to find out the perfect ways to entertain the kids and the guests at the party. For example, if you are good at singing, singing some songs for him by the beach side would be a perfect way to create memorable moments with your father. 

Take the disposable serving wares to the venue, so you don't have to carry the burden on your back home. Instead, you can discard them just like a tissue. In this regard, the drinkware collection comes first because they are fragile and might turn into shattered pieces on the way to the party venue. 

Consider using the plastic drinkware, as it's made of plastic material and highly durable to carry along at the picnic party. "Smarty Had a Party" offers a great variety of plastic drinkware, from plastic shot glasses to disposable tumblers, plastic beer glasses, and disposable party cups that come at a fraction of the cost. 

Go to Exhibition

Mostly, the fathers are fond of classic things, like the classic cars from the vintage era, vintage drinks collections, and music collections. So basically, they mostly love anything that belongs to the vintage time. 

Take your father to the car show. He would be amazed to see the vintage cars there. Different communities organize such shows and exhibitions all over the US. Look for them on social media and see if the father's day date matches their event. 

And, if your father owns a vintage car, it's a perfect time to put his masterpiece on display. After the exhibition, arrange a delicious dinner party in the fancy hotel to make it even more enjoyable for him. Don't forget to invite his best friends to the party. 

Throw Virtual Party

Don't miss the opportunity to spend some quality time with your father and create epic memories just because you couldn't be together physically. It's the world of technology. So think out of the box and throw a virtual father's day party. 

It's a social media era, and throwing a virtual party isn't a big deal; use Google duo, Skype, or any application you choose. Then, play different online multiplayer video games with him to make the party enjoyable for him.

Just because it's a virtual party, don't skip the food. You can also arrange the virtual dinner on video call either by cooking the food or ordering it from the restaurants. Order your father's favorite dish from the fancy restaurant and use the delivery service to get it delivered to his address.

Let the Playground Be your Venue

Games are the ultimate source of fun and entertainment that can make anyone's day effortless. So if booking a venue, decorating it, and making everything ready for the party seems a daunting task, then let the playground be your party venue. 

If your father is an athlete, consider spending his day playing different games. Take the clues from his interest to take him to his favorite game place. Some of the favorites of dads can be playing golf, bowling alley, bowling, and batting cages. 

Primarily, places like the golf ground have food served, so the party would be a catwalk. 

Have a Happy Hour

Gather up with your father's favorite people, with family members, to enjoy the happy hour fully dedicated to your guy. It can be turned into a party by serving a cup of tea and some fresh ingredients for the guests like cookies, donuts, and pastries right in the backyard. 

Work on the surroundings to transform your backyard into a party venue. If the party takes place after the evening, consider playing with the lights to enhance its decor and add aesthetics. 

If the weather is hot outside, go for the drinks instead of serving the guests tea. Welcome the guests with the signature mocktails using the fresh seasonal fruits. Don't forget to add your father's favorite drink to the menu. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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