Owl Party Favor Bags

Uros Krstic

Owl party favor bags! I saw these cuties on Pinterest and first thought, "I have everything I need to make these," and second thought, "these would make a great DIY," and third thought, "I almost wish I had a younger daughter so I could make these for her birthday party...almost." Give these away at your next kiddo's birthday party and all the parents will be wondering "hoo" in your house is so crafty. owl-favor-party-bags-materials Materials:
  • Brown paper lunch sacks
  • Mini paper doilies
  • Feathers
  • Construction paper (3 colors)
  • Anything circular that you can trace around, 2 shapes, approximately 3.5" and 3" diameter
party-favor-bags-owl-step-one Step 1: First, tape (or glue, whatever your preferred method of attachment) the paper doily to the front of your brown paper lunch sack and, stuff your bag with all the goodies that you're giving away as favors. Fold down (this is kind of awkward since it's full of stuff, but stick with it) the top two corners into a triangle and tape them together. party-favor-bags-owls-step-two Step 2: Next you want to cut out all of your owly eyes. If you have a small round craft punch, you can use that for the pupils (the smallest circles). The two larger circles should be roughly 3 1/2 inches and 3 inches in diameter. I used a small mason jar lid and the top of a Starbucks Frappuccino cup to trace my circles. Attach the two largest circles together, each a little closer to the middle as shown below. You can also add the feathers at this time. I also used tape for those. Leave the pupils off until the very end - the last thing you want is an accidentally cross-eyed owl. owl-favor-bags-step-three Step 3: Attach the unfinished eyes to the bag just under the triangle at the top - mine slightly overlapped each other in the middle. favor-bags-owl-step-four Step 4: Almost done! Fold down the top triangle flap and tape it shut. owl-party-favor-bags-step-five Step 5: Attach the owl pupils and you're all done. You can also add a small diamond or triangle piece to the tip of the triangle in the center for a beak if you'd like but I thought they looked pretty cute without it. So, "hoo" is going to try this out for their next birthday party? Perhaps a Harry Potter themed one? For more kid party ideas, check out our boys, girls, and coed kid party boards on Pinterest. Party on, Smarties! Ashley
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