How To Seed A Pomegranate

Uros Krstic

Image Source: Flicker - piX1966

A pomegranate can be one of the most aggravating fruits to prepare. When I was younger, my mom, in her wisdom, convinced me and my siblings that de-seeding pomegranates was not only fun, it was a privilege. We would actually fight over who got to seed the pomegranates! My mom would cover the kitchen table in plastic, and we would have the best time peeling those stubborn little seeds away from the membrane. As I grew older, I began to gravitate towards the prepared produce section of the grocery store in search of pre-seeded pomegranate seeds, despite their outrageous markup. However, recently I discovered a fabulous, and, dare I say life-changing, technique for de-seeding pomegranate seeds. In one of our recent posts, Festive Pomegranate Harvest Coleslaw, I promised that I would write up a post on how exactly to seed a pomegranate without the mess.

So, here you go!

1. Slice your pomegranate(s) in half.

2. Fill a large bowl halfway with water.

3. Drop the pomegranate halves in the water, and, using your hands, gently peel apart the membrane from the seeds. The membrane and rind will float to the surface of the bowl.

4. Once the seeds and membrane have been completely separated, skim the top of the water; removing all the pieces of membrane and rind.

5. Drain the seeds into a colander.

♥, Frieda

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