An Amazing Halloween-Themed Wedding Party

An Amazing Halloween-Themed Wedding Party

A wedding celebration in October calls for all the spookiness and madness. Your big day demands massive preparations, especially if it's in October. You have to be thinking about spooky decor ideas. If you are a daring couple and want to do things out of the box, tell us how you can celebrate your big wedding day differently yet elegantly.

Creating an Overall Vibe

Most people notice the moment they enter a venue is the atmosphere and vibe of that place. However, several things help create an unforgettable, influential, and unparalleled vibe at your Halloween wedding. The top ones are the venue and a suitable theme. Picking the two and making them complement each other can be tricky, but with a bit of knowledge, anyone can slay the event decor. 

It's always better to focus on the little details that will wow everyone. For instance, the decor can involve some character props from their favorite horror movies such as Annabelle or Pennywise or even Chucky from "The Curse of Chucky." 

Give the guests the freedom to dress up how they want to. If you want them to wear scary outfits, you can ask them, but not forcing anything on anyone is better. Instead, offer them some scary masks for photo sessions so they can take them off whenever they want to. 

You can place statues of deadly, scary-looking zombies in the hallway or entrance area to relive our childhood memories of "The House of the Dead" - remember the game we used to play? You can also DIY garlands made from fake axes and knives covered in fake blood. Then, fill the place with giant skeletons, skulls, bones, hands, and feet on the tables.

Setting Up a Spooky Tablespace

You don't want your wedding party tables to look ordinary within all the Halloween decor. Get our spooky plastic plates for Halloween available in all colors to match your Halloween theme. 

Smarty Had A Party helps you celebrate your big day elegantly while keeping the fun of Halloween. We ensure your satisfaction with the most elegant disposable plate set and plastic serving tableware

Halloween wedding cake!

The wedding cake for Halloween will scare but also feed your guests simultaneously. The scariest time of the year is the perfect time for some couples to get married! Under normal circumstances, we would not say that there is something dangerous in a wedding cake. However, these spooky treats look almost as scary as they are delicious!

Ravens and crows are synonymous with all dark and spooky things. So the gothic details on the traditional wedding cake will give it a small sign for Halloween. Mexican sugar skulls, dark forest, skeletons of the bride and groom, and many other ideas will make your cake an unforgettable nightmare for your guests but delicious!  

Make a dessert table with the theme for Halloween. Macaroni in the colors of your wedding cake, cookies with the theme of Halloween in orange and black, following the eerily spooky theme.

Spooky Decor

Weddings should be fun, especially if you have a Halloween theme! With a spooky wedding or some elements for a dessert table, a fake spider web, spider rings, and pumpkin gifts, you will make your wedding unforgettable and unique for all the guests who will attend! Finally, be the initiators of a new trend that your guests will follow. So make the most elegant Halloween wedding, which will leave your guests in fear of your creativity. Use the most popular color palette for Halloween, black and orange. Pumpkins and lanterns are popular decoration elements for Halloween, and next to them, you can add black-colored lanterns and pumpkins that you will place all over your wedding venue. They can also be an ideal background for photography at your wedding.

As unavoidable decoration elements are skeletons and skulls, which can be central elements and holders of accompanying cards or table numbers. Harvest-inspired wedding bouquets, such as orange roses and burgundy hydrangeas. Also, burgundy hanging amaranth, maple branches, and burdock, tied with dark silk ribbons, floral arrangements in dark green, merlot, and black, as well as neon signs, complete the spooky scene.

Dress Code

Halloween wedding dresses can be Victorian-style dresses, gothic, or dressed in bright autumn colors. For this type of wedding, you can wear dark colors such as a black dress or suit for the bride or choose a gothic style. However, the bride in a dark tulle dress in layered shades and the birdcage veil will surely be remembered to delight her guests.

You can also dress the bridesmaids in orange with dark make-up, dark socks, and other spooky details that will complete the image. 

Unique Wedding Bows for Halloween

 Lay a few tree branches on the tent, add some lamps and black cloth, and voila! Or use any wedding bow with a bit of greenery and a skull to get the perfect spooky bow.

Memorable Wedding Photos for Halloween

You can take countless creative and fun photos at Halloween weddings. Suggest to your photographer some ideas for wedding photography for Halloween or see what he will suggest to you. Marriage on this day is made for creations and fun. You just have to indulge in imagination or some good horror movie!

Wedding candles for Halloween

If you are looking for wedding ideas for Halloween on a budget, there are many great inexpensive ideas that you can make or buy yourself at an affordable price.

Halloween wedding decorations don't have to be expensive. You need a pair of black candles and empty black bottles, or you can make twig candle holders with skulls or pumpkins!

Halloween is a perfect wedding day for non-traditional couples or couples who want to be unique. So, this is something to consider if your big day falls on Halloween.


Eat, drink & be scary, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party

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