Fantastic Graduation Party Ideas

Uros Krstic

Graduation is around the corner! What are you doing to celebrate your special high school or college graduate's adventure into the next chapter of their lives? I've got a few VERY CUTE DIY ideas for you in today's blog post! *WARNING*: Not for the craftily-challenged. If you're more apt to cut yourself with the craft scissors than the paper you set out to cut in the first place, stop reading now. If you finish your exacto-knife, precision-cut paper sculpture replica of Hogwarts and think to yourself, "Nailed it," - read on. graduation-party-event-centerpiece-senior-picture What to do with all of those leftover senior portrait prints when you've already given them to every family member, including cousins twice removed and your dentist who met your daughter once, when she was five? Cut them out and use them in the centerpieces for her graduation party. Pear Salad gives you their take on a glam graduation party fit for a teen princess complete with celebratory centerpiece vases. graduation-party-event-photo-display No graduation party would be complete without a photo wall display of embarrassing pictures documenting every inch of awkward childhood moments (your child naked in the bathtub at age three, the after-dinner spaghetti sauce clown mouth, the time when the cousins dressed your son up in an Easter dress and high heels, or that picture from Christmas circa 1995 of him wearing a homemade Batman costume in front of the Christmas tree). The uber-crafty mom can find a more creative way to display the wall of shame - like on a dress form, as in Silverbox Creative Studio's Garden Style Graduation Celebration. graduation-party-card-box-hot-air-balloon Looking for a little more uplifting grad party theme? How about a hot air balloon card box? A Heart Full of Love gives you a step-by-step for creating this DIY masterpiece. graduation-party-event-owl-congratulations-cardA wise decision for the crafy gal might be to take all of that leftover scrapbooking paper you've got hiding in storage and create a cute DIY owl card to congratulate your kiddo. This one from reminds me of Mr. Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials. graduation-party-event-keys-to-success-welcome-table For a more refined fete, you may consider this "Keys to Success" themed party shoot from Celebrations at Home. I fell head-over-heels for all of the details and I especially loved the keys hanging from the mirror with inspirational words. Maybe it's because it's inspired by my favorite store, Anthropologie, or it could simply be because it's the colors of my Alma Mater (University of Missouri), but either way - I LOVE IT. graduation-gift-money-ideaOf course, the most important part of any graduation is the gift - preferably in monetary form. But giving money in a card can be so... BORING. I love all the creative ideas listed at Happy Home Fairy, but my favorite was the "In case of emergency, break glass" because it's so clever, so easy, and so funny! Recommended Products:
glass-cylinder-vase-party-centerpiece gold-taffeta-crinkle-tablecloth small-contenporary-wire-stem-vases
Glass Cylinder 60 x 102 Gold Linen Taffeta Crinkle Tablecloth Small contemporary Wire Stem Vases
For more graduation fun, follow our Milestone Celebrations board on Pinterest. Party on, Smarties! Ashley
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