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3 Bee-utiful Napkin Ideas | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

Summer is right around the corner, and to celebrate a little bit early, we have some bright, inexpensive, and highly versatile inspiration.

Here are some great napkin ideas to illuminate any event and, as a bonus, free printables!

1. Embellish Party Favors with Paper Napkins

What you need:

Cut a sliver of the napkin and add it to your party favors - we used the Black Grandeur Paper Dinner Napkins. Carry out the theme by incorporating the same napkin in each place setting. From there, tie a black ribbon around the favor to finish it. Adding a printable to your favors makes them look professional and beautiful. 

Smarty Party Theme Idea: "Meant to Bee" is an adorable motif for a wedding. Decorate with yellowblack, and white, and maybe even give your guests honey as a wedding favor. 

2. Wrap Gifts or Favors in a Paper Napkin

What you need:

  • Paper napkins - we used black grandeur napkins
  • Ribbon - we used black wired-edged organza ribbon
  • Free Printables

If you plan on having a gift table at your next event, wrapping small presents in paper napkins and ribbon is a beautiful way to coordinate your gift table with your guest tables. If you do not have a gift table, you can wrap your favors in paper napkins instead.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: Having a gender reveal bash? A "What Will Baby Bee" themed reveal party will awe your guests. Have someone put something pink or blue inside your napkin-wrapped box (maybe even some confetti?!) and open it in front of your guests for the big reveal.

3. Dress Up Your Centerpieces with Paper Napkins

What you need:

  • Vases for centerpieces - we used a glass cube vase
  • Napkins - we used black grandeur napkins
  • Ribbon - we used black satin-edged organza ribbon
  • Free Printables

Fold and attach paper napkins to your centerpieces. Tie a matching bow around the centerpiece and add a printable for that WOW factor. 

Sunny Like Sunflowers

The flowers that fit perfectly into this theme and are real companions for bees are sunflowers! Their black and yellow colors go great with the black and yellow color of the bees and the decoration!

The wedding season has begun, and sunflowers have bloomed, so we would like to advise all newlyweds to choose sunflowers when decorating.

Sunflowers as a decoration provide a special touch to any environment, especially when they are packaged in professional arrangements made for special occasions.

Each back of the chair on the outside can receive one sunflower woven in off-white tulle, and more extensive arrangements can be placed along the hall as decoration.

People love sunflowers mainly because of their round, clear shape and bright color. They are a summer flower and are among the favorites of many celebrations. Incorporating sunflowers into your party decorations is a great idea. Its bright color will make the atmosphere playful and cheerful. It is a detail that will be remembered.

They are easily combined with other types of flowers, so they can fit in with any themed party. The essence is to be restrained and not exaggerate their number.

The best time for sunflower to become the main detail at your party is July, August, and September.

Sunny Sweet Table

The finish of your party can undoubtedly be cupcakes like bees or a cake in the shape of a bee, or you can decorate the cake with sunflowers and bees. The possibilities are numerous!

It is best to make a sweet table in the style of a buffet table. Whether it's a birthday party or some other party, that sunny floral piece will surely delight all the guests.

Decorate the yellow background with valuable bees, and on the sides, put balloons in the shape of bees and other black and yellow balloons.

The central part of the table is reserved for her highness, the cake! Around it, arrange cupcakes in the shape of bees and course, gingerbread! You can come up with other cakes with honey! Finally, of course, place vases with sunflowers on the table as an indispensable decoration. With black and yellow plates and napkins, it will be a beautiful table following your party theme and an ideal place for taking photos!

Bee On a Flower Cupcake


  • List of ingredients 2 ounces of marzipan per bee
  • Yellow and black gel paste food coloring
  • Undiluted almond slices
  • Cupcakes (any flavor)
  • Swiss meringue butter for cupcake decoration, colored yellow
  • Dough bag


Step 1: Paint half of the marzipan with yellow paint and the other half with black, mixing each separately until the color is uniform. Roll everything into a log 1/8 inch thick. Cut each log crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick pieces. Starting with the black piece and alternating colors, stack the 4 pieces and press them together lightly.

Step 2: For the head, roll the black piece into a ball and press it onto the yellow end of the bundle. For the eyes, tear off 2- small yellow pieces, roll them into balls and press them on the head. For the stinger, the shape ends in a light point. Finally, for the wings, press 1- almond slice on each side of the body.

Step 3: Spread a thin layer of butter on one cake. Leaf petals in a circular pattern around the edge with buttercream. First, direct the second circle, overlapping slightly. Repeat until the cake is covered. Then, lightly press the bee onto the frosting.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: A "Queen Bee" theme is perfect for Mother's Day or a birthday party. Want matching partyware? Don't forget to visit Smarty Had A Party website!

 A bumblebee-themed party is ideal if you want to let it be known that someone dear to you is as valuable as a bee! So as a birthday theme and, at the same time, surprise, you can come up with this one, and you certainly won't go wrong! We are sure that the person you are organizing this party will be pleased that someone appreciates their work and effort and that it remains remembered.


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!


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